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Myphoneexplorer W810i won't install. runtime error dll sport?

Is anyone expereincing probs getting the MYPhoneexplorer software to work on win XP and on WIn 2000? I first tried installing it on my Mac through virtual PC running Win XP and got

Run time error 309

Component "Sport.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid when it was installing this sport file said couldn't be installed, what is it and why is it messing things up?

Tried on a real PC running WIn 2000 and the file installed and i opened it, it showed the startup logo and the app in the background then said it had to close due to runtime error and when i clicked o.k it went.

I really need to get my texts and emails off my W810i as i can't get web and walk and have to send phone back to tmobile for flashing so will lose important texts. Please does anyone know whats up with the software or can you put up a link to your site with a working copy of this program so i can confirm if its my system or the program? Also is there any other phone software that will allow me to download my texts? Thanks if anyone can help?
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Although probably not much use to the original poster by now I thought Id add my experiences and solution for anyone googling with the same problem.

I encountered the same error after updating with the latest MS security updates and trying to run MyPhoneExplorer

Reinstalling gave the same error.

It appears somewhere along the line, on certain machines a security update has blocked installers registering certain ActiveX controls (in this case SPORT.DLL) even if they are installed from an account with administrator priviledges.

The only solution I found was to actually log in as administrator (NOT as a user with admin priviledges) and force a manual registartion of the offending DLL with from a Command prompt via

CD C:\windows\system32

regsvr32 sport.dll

then logout and log in with your normal account.


(NB technically speaking Im presuming the problem is with a registry permissions setting that blocks ordinary users that have been added to the aministrators group from having the same priviledges as the root admin account)
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it didnt worked for me i tried uninstalling and installing again when i install it came same thing during installation and with registering sport.dll. and even when i run with run as administrator and with actual administrator account same problem prevail.
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