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new phone..

Hi i want to buy a phone any1 got a idea witch is best


Have walkman(mp3-player)
You can change both ringtone and smstone
Memory card (m2, miniSD +++)
Look good

things that is great if it haves:

Some sort of themes(custimize colors of menu and bars +++)
Good lifetime on battery ( 2< )
Not a Nokia i hate nokia but if its very good i can be
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Hello 1seb

here is the big question : what is your budget? in or USD
have a nice day
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Hmm... maybe W850i would be a good phone for you
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or a k800i
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K750 already have that, but if you are looking for an upgrade their is quite a few choices.
Example the "W" series is Focused on Audio
While K800 (The first and currently only in the cybershot series focus on the camera)

These are the models i recommend:
W810, Fast small and awesome
W900 Very powerfull with Nvidia chip. But very large.
(I have not tried following phones myself, but from what i know they rule )
K800 Great camera fast software and large screen.
W850, Perfect for music purpose and largescreen and the new song recognizer function.

And i could keep going
Check out for more info about the phones, and to check out other phones.

M60Berserker AKA Mathias
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Look at W810 or W900 if it's available, they have auto-focus on the cameras..generally older models but that do have better cameras, better music players can only go so far..
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Good point Reaper i also say K800
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