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Motorola Rokr Problem!!!!! PLZ HELP!!

hey everyone.

whenever i switch on my moto rokr i get da following msg...

"Boot Loader
SW Version:

Battery low
Cannot Program"

It Doest charge......

can anyone tell me what i shd do??

like updating the firmware if there is any way like SEUS??
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Have you tried taking out the battery and putting it back in?
Or using a different charger? Or another battery?

Yes Motorola do have a firmware update thingy but it will delete all your files on your phone.

You could send it to motorola, but again, you may lose your files.
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mo tht wont help ull have to get your hannds on a fresh battery and tht the rule donot flash w/o fully charged battery and w/o a backup
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Tip: get a cheapo charger (those with a led on it).
Cut the tip off, and you should get two wires. Place positive wire on positive pin on battery, and negative in negative. The LED should dim a bit. If it turns off, the polarity is wrong. Leave it there for 5 minutes. Reflash again. Next time, have your battery fully charged :-]
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