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So this place has changed! Why? Where is everybody??

Hi. I don't know if anyone is reading this.
But if you are- please respond- thanks

I first used this site when I was 7. (in 2007)
It was awesome- themes for my Sony K800i and my Nokia 6233!

But what happened? Why has this place died?
The front page is now an advertising site for *new* mobile games.
Why? Nobody knows about this place so that's the worst thing to do!

Also, what happened to all the data? Where are all the amazing apps/themes that were originally here? Were they deleted? Please respond- I am 15 now and I decided to see how this place was doing since I hadn't been here in 8 years.

Hello to all moderators/admins that are still active here.

-- from OnKz
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Good question indeed.
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We are still lurking around though
have a nice day
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