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Urgently need help?

Hello There, would anyone be able to check on their mobiles the exact steps on how to forward a msg? prettyy pleaasee?

My screen is completely broken (it's black) but I have got new sms's since then and I would like to read them. The phone still works perfectly, jst no screen. SO I'm asking what buttons I press to forward a msg. IE I know for mi phone which is a Nokia 6131 u go enter, left, up to get into msging; then go down, enter, enter to get into the first message, and press the button at the top left corner to go into msging options. So how many times do u press down to get into forwarding msgs? and straight after that do u enter the number or no?????

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what is your phone man?
tell me and i will help you
i liek mudkipz.
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