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I would love this to be a more social site

I love communities, and the feel of them. This site is great for what it is, but i would love if it was more. Currently, it's only social in the forums. This surely would become a more popular site and more tight knit community if the social aspects covered the rest of the site aswell.

That means, most importantly, comments on themes for registered users. It could allways be hidden from people who are not logged in so it won't garbage out the clean site for them. If we could comment on peoples themes, it would be great.

Secound, a best-theme-of-the-week thing, wich is automated. Every user has a set ammount of votes to give (say, five votes (only one vote per theme), and every 4 votes you get on your own themes you get another 2 votes to give), and the one with most votes gets a spot of honor for a while on the front page, maybe the top five themes could be displayd there, probably ensuring thousands and thousands of downloads.

In my experience, people perform much better in making themes on sites where they get a social award for doing a good job. It's not to be ignored that quite a percentage of the people making themes here have problems with their own social lifes to give them time to do so, at least that is the case with me and i am sure i am not alone.

Friend-lists would be grand, and people could watch each other for new themes, and would be notified somewhere when they had new comments on their themes.

Don't be mad at me for just comming in to a site and in my fourh post asking it to change everything. It's just that when people grow used to how a site works, they stop looking in new directions and accept is as the way it is. I hope you will appreciate some fresh impulses and visions from this lasyk newbie =) I allready love this site and its friendly atmosphere, and more socialness would make the site a great place!
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it pacient !!!
here on lasyk are many people who will help you and rest,many talented people bla bla bla ............ more people will come just be pacient
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hello ThorRune

Thank you for your feedback, we have noted it. Of course stay tuned for changes in future

have a nice day
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Wow. Great ideas! I sure hope it all happens
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