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We miss the great Sony Ericsson

Please SE, we are all your lovers, and I think i can talk for almost everyone here in this forum, we are tired of your delays for upcoming phones and firmware updates, lack of quality. We love to see our SE a step ahead of other brands like the old times (1st to impose the T9(t68i), Bluetooth(t68i I think), Camera (t610), easy share, walkman, smart dialing, wifi and GPS in a non smart-phone, etc, etc, etc...).
We all miss you Sony Ericsson.
X10, loving the experience, need froyo to be prefect.
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Not me. I was a very die hard fan of S.E.

Now I don't even look for what they offer. I have no clue the new phones that are coming out from them. This is still the coolest little forum I am a member of, I just don't care for SE anymore. They have been failing for the last few years and are pretty much non existent in USA. The last SE I really truly loved was the w810i. I felt like that cell was a true beauty.
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