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Originally Posted by webmaster View Post
Hello everyone! I have been playing with my new X10 Mini Pro.

Overall I can say this is my best Sony Ericsson handset, ever!

The presence of a physical keyboard is very useful when texting or chatting over IM. For one hand operation the multitap and quicktext input methods on the X10 mini/ Pro and X8 are not bad. Actually, I think that quicktext is even faster vs physical keyboard if you create a large enough dictionary file!

Regarding Timescape overall I am not impressed and will not be using the application on a daily basis.

Music Playback the phone has a very good built in speaker. The bundled music player is missing a EQ. But the default sound is not bad you could download other players to suit your ears.

#1 Application needed
Advanced Task Killer - Kill all the apps you dont use frequently especially all those useless apps that startup when the phone boots up for the first time. In the ignore list I only have Google Talk, Messaging (Whatever app I use for SMS, and Wi-Fi Keep Alive)

On older Sony Ericsson devices we were used to having the ability to save the songs we recognize using Track ID or Send via SMS. Now we seem to only have the option to download, which in some countries ends up in a dead link!

Up until just a few days ago no known workaround would fix the Wi-Fi display sleep problem everyone is facing on a lot of X10 series devices. Wi-fi Keep Alive version 1.4.1 resolves this problem. So you can now use your X10 series phone at home and don't need to have your data plan running to continue getting your updates. You need to enable all 4 workarounds in the advanced settings. This does drain the battery, but this is a problem with most Wi-fi enabled devices.

One of the major problems with recommending this handset is that you need to be constantly enabling and disabling wireless and mobile data traffic to save battery juice.

To save battery life all you need to do is disable data traffic when not needed.

JUCEDEFENDER is a pretty good app for enabling and disabling 3g/wifi etc when in sleep mode

there are other apps too that will enable and disable wifi depending on time of day such as enable at work and disable at home or disable at work enable at home on preset times

Track Id is there but SHAZZAM or SOUNDHOUND replace these with the recent 'Shazzam Encore' edition having the ability to tag or find a track then be able to buy it , gain tour info, find a youtube video, get recommendations, facebook it , tweet it on twitter, send via SMS, Email or find the Biography and Discography of the found track/artist

Where the odd thing fails to impress in the phones 1.6/Sony overlayed version of android goes ..theres usually an app in most cases that does the job or does it better

latest used app by myself is Double Twist music player looks a lot like Ipods player/interface and auto grabs album art using Last FM (needs to be installed)

other interesting app of the day is PSX EMULATOR still a work in progress but already updated to give more functionality along with more compatability
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I'm going to give JUCEDEFENDER a shot.

To test if these work well I set the handset to a static IP and ping it from a desktop computer while the screen is turned off. Usually most apps fail to keep the wireless connection from sleeping. The Nexus One running 2.2 also has a similar problem.

Double Twist has a very neat GUI for a music player

Shazzam Encore, never tried it. Sony Ericsson should have kept the minimum functionality from the track id we were all used to.
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