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Hey guys is there any chance you can zip the updates for each theme category and allow these for download, either one big zip file containing all the theme updates, or one zip file for each category, rather than having to click each link espcally when theres over 300 new downloads (takes ages). To keep track you could increment each new downloads counter when the zip file is downloaded, so pps can still see how many times their themes are downloaded.

This is just a suggestion to make my life easier ;-)
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That will make all our lives easily actually :P

If not that, a simple "new" icon next to each file that has been uploaded would be great too
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Yeah, I uploaded a theme, and it didnt appear until the 14th, and I had to go looking through the pages, and it said it was uploaded on the 7th but I had been looking for it in every category on the 7th but I never found it.
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