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Old 02-27-2004   #1
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Sony Ericsson T610 Review

Hey everyone!

First of all, I'm new to the forums and I only got my T610 yesterday, so take it easy on me! Anyway, so far I have been very impressed with this phone so I thought I'd take the time to write a review.

Here goes...


Company: Sony Ericsson
Model: T610
Category: Mobile Phone
Network: Vodafone UK
Price Paid: 179.99
Similar Products Used: Motorola V50, Nokia 6310, Nokia 8310, Sony Ericsson T68i, Nokia 7650, Samsung E700...

To start with I was very sceptical about buying the T610, I had used the T68i before and it had only lasted me about 3 months before it was totally dead. A few of my friends had the some problems with their T68i's, I'm not sure if it was the particular Firmware we were running or not but it Sony Ericsson certainly got no points from me for reliabilty. However, I had recently dropped and rendered my E700 dead and couldn't be without a phone for too long, so I decided to get either a T610 or a Nokia 7650i. Luckily the girl in "The Link" (Popular high-street mobile phone dealer in the UK) let me try out both of them before I made my decision. I didn't really have enough time or enough knowledge about the two phones to actually come to a reasonable conclusion at the time, but the 7250i did seem a little faster to navigate, although the colours displayed on the screen were not nearly as impressive so maybe the T610 ran a little slower due to the extremely colourful menu's etc.

Anyway, after about 5 minutes I decided to go for the T610, ignoring the fact that the T68i had caused me more trouble than it was worth. So the girl went out the back and shortly after I had a brand new T610 (on Vodafone) in my hands!

The Phone

Upon opening the box when I arrived home, it was very pleasing to see the amount of nice little extra's that "SE" had included with the T610. The cleaning cloth was a very nice touch and I'm sure the little self-potrait mirror for the camera would come in handly down the line.

Although the manual only said 4 - 5 hours for the first charge, I decided to leave it on for a full 16 - 20 as recommended by "SE" as many people on various forums had said that they acheived longer standby time after an initial 16 hour charge rather than a 4 - 5.

After switching it on, I was greeted with a rather cool start up animation and then the phone took around 30 - 40 seconds to power up (it states that this is supposed to happen in the manual the first time you switch it on) after which I had a full signal and was ready to go...


The games on the T610 are very impressive graphically and colour wise, they simply look amazing. However I was not so impressed with the time they took to start up and the response times to my key presses were a little slow, but this is to be expected from a mid-range mobile. After I had sampled all of the pre-built-in games, I was pretty impressed. My favourite is the Mini-Golf game, I can definatly see myself killing some time playing it! All in all, the games were excellent for a phone of this price range.


The menu is really good, I was expecting the menu navigation to be a little slow but it was perfect, the icons were colourful and there's really no complaints here. I especially liked the fact that when you entered the menu you were already at the messages section, as this is the section I find myself using the most - very convenient. This is really all that can be said for the menu, overall just very nice and no problems.

Phone Book

I really like the phone book on the T610, you can choose what information you'd like to add to your contacts (Home, Work, Mobile, Fax, E-Mail etc.) and viewing your contacts information is very easy. No hassles here and the fact that you can add a picture to your contact so that it displays on the phone when they call you is very cool. No complaints here either!


Now for the camera! The camera is very easy to start-up. One click of the button (placed on the top left side of the phone) and your straight into camera mode. You can change the camera's settings simply by the touch of a button, and selecting the size you wish. There is also the added bonus of a "night mode" and you can also increase and decrease the brightness by pressing the joystick up or down while in the viewfinder mode. Taking the picture is quick and simple, a push of the joystick, a few moments wait and then another push to save. Pictures are then found in the "My Pictures" folder and you're able to send them, upload them to your PC, add them to one of your contacts so that it displays when they call you, or save them as a wallpaper/screensaver. The photo's look quite nice on the phones screen (not the best I've seen, but definatly not the worst either) but when viewed on a PC the quality isn't even close to some of the phones available now even in the lower price-range (The Motorola E365 provides noticably more impressive shots when viewed on a PC) However, the purpose of the T610 is that it's a mobile phone, and the camera is just an added bonus. It's perfectly fine for snapping the quick shot of your friends and also comes in handy for adding photos to your contacts as previously mentioned.

For a phone of this price-range, the camera is pefectly acceptable, allthough it's not the best.


All in all, the T610 is a great phone and I have very few complaints - the screen is very colourful and nice to use, the joystick and buttons provide a good tactile feedback and the joystick is an excellent addition as it provides much faster navigation of the icon based menu system, the standby time is fine for me as I just charge every night, the call quality is probably the best I've ever heard on a mobile phone both ways (callers have commented on how clear it sounds when phoning me) and the ringtones are very loud and musical. There are tonnes of things you can download to your phone to customise it exactly to how you want it ( is a great resource site for downloadable content) and the phone is solidly built and feels very nice in the hands.

Overall I'm very impressed and am satisfied with my purchase. I'd give the phone a rating of 8.5/10 as although it isn't perfect, there isn't much to complain about at all.
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Old 02-27-2004   #2
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Very good work darkfusion...I think that your review incurage some of the people that are not sure to buy SE instead of Nokia or other that t-610 have the potential to be the best phone now available with cheeper prize!
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Old 02-27-2004   #3
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Thanks nitroide_84

I agree, you get alot more for your money with the T610 as opposed to the 7250i and the price difference is only around 10.
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Old 05-20-2004   #4
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Damn Man, I Paid 250 Quid For Mine. I Was Conned.
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Old 05-20-2004   #5
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great review m8

ill add to ur rep now
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Old 05-20-2004   #6
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Originally Posted by darkfusion
There are tonnes of things you can download to your phone to customise it exactly to how you want it .
I have to agree completely. I particularly like the t610 because of its 'user friendly' attributes.
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Old 05-24-2004   #7
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heh, I got mine cos it looked cool! and Im a fan of SONY
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Old 05-26-2004   #8
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my one cost me RM1500
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Old 06-11-2004   #9
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RM1,500 when did you get yours? I got in early Dec
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Old 06-11-2004   #10
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this phone is great! but i got the new model. the t630. realised that the t610 and t630 are quite similar after reading this great review. great review men!
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Old 06-19-2004   #11
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good job darkfusion, and welcome here
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