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First if you just want to sync contacts, calendar, etc I would recommend using iSync but this does mean that you will have to use Address Book & iCal, which quite frankly are quite good applications:

Now as a second alternative you should check out Bluephone Elite, not free, but might be a good alternative to sync your Nokia E71x here is the list of what is supported:
Dial and Receive Calls
Service is supported.

Phone may disconnect or reboot if Hands-Free is enabled.
Some firmware versions are not compatible with Hands-Free mode. To prevent rebooting, suspend Hands-Free from the BPE2 device status menu or upgrade your firmware from Nokia's web site (PC may be required. Firmware versions vary by location).

Unable to dial any phone numbers that end in emergency numbers 112, 911, or 999.
This is a limitation of some models. [link1] [link2] It is not know if this issue can be fixed with a firmware update.

Text Messages
Service is supported.
Phonebook (Read Only)
Service is supported.
Network+Power Status
Service is supported.
Date+Time Sync
Service is supported.
Call Log Sync
Service is supported.
Ring Profile
Service is supported.
Try the software out before you go out and buy it, make sure it works well and suites your needs.
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