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Hi! The Linux archive is packed wrong. You should create additional folder lib in which move all jar files except mTC.jar. After doing this by hands your application starts working.
Now in the root folder where mTC.jar is placed in the Linux bundle one can see such files:
connie@connie-desktop:~/Downloads/mTC3$ ls -a
.                    batik-ext.jar         batik-xml.jar
..                   batik-gui-util.jar    bin
AbsoluteLayout.jar   batik-gvt.jar         JDICplus.jar
ant.jar              batik-parser.jar      js.jar
ant-launcher.jar     batik-script.jar      lib
batik-awt-util.jar   batik-svg-dom.jar     mTC.jar
batik-bridge.jar     batik-svggen.jar      swing-layout-1.0.jar
batik-css.jar        batik-swing.jar       windows
batik-dom.jar        batik-transcoder.jar  xerces_2_5_0.jar
batik-extension.jar  batik-util.jar        xml-apis.jar

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