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Happy New year!

Here are some updates:

1. Signatures are back for active users. Note to use a signature image you need to upload a signature on the forums.

2. We have added the ability to login to the forums using your Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter credentials. You no longer need to remember a password for this site, or add your e-mail address.

- All E-mail notifications are 100% opt-in.

3. We have reviewed the proposed changes on the etherpad document we have shared. The next step is to add new forums, links to
related wiki's so we can collaborate.

4. Regarding Series 60 personally I cannot commit to a device I know very little about, however if anyone would like to lead and support the S60 we are open to suggestions.

5. In addition to the Ericsson platform we will be actively supporting the upcoming open source operating systems and related devices:
Symbian^2 and newer
Android 1.6 and newer
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