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How do I run mTC using the Linux bundle

This bundle works for all users with any operating system, as long as you have the Java Runtime installed (1.5 or above), if you do not have the JRE installed Click Here.

You should download found in the mTC Download Thread
  1. Open a command prompt window (shell, terminal, or DOS)
  2. Type the following: java -jar (complete directory of) mTC.jar
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the folder lib folder is with mTC in the same directory
If again you are having trouble starting mTC, check if you have the Java Runtime Installed (
  1. CD to your java directory (i.e. > CD C:\\Program Files\Java\bin)
  2. Now again from the command prompt do the same mentioned before (i.e java -jar mTC.jar)

If the standard java -jar mTC.jar does not work, you may have not set java 1.5 as your default runtime so you have to specify the complete location of both java and mTC i.e. "/home/USERNAME/jre1.5.0_11/bin/java -jar /home/USERNAME/Desktop/mTC.jar"

To make things easier and not type the complete directory each time you want to run mTC, please create a Custom mTC Launcher
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