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katrokndeso 08-20-2008 03:54 AM

Posting Rules QUESTION
Why my posting rule said "You may not post attachments"?!
About 2 months ago, I could upload attachments succesfully.. But why I can't today?!

joost206 08-20-2008 04:23 AM

they are locked for some parts of the forum, (firmware) go to an other part and you'll see that it changes

like this page


katrokndeso 08-20-2008 04:44 AM

Seems the MODERATOR which set it?!
Thanks for your reply

Mr.ASAP 08-20-2008 09:02 AM

Yup attachments are not allowed for some forums due to possible uploading of copyright content

just for clarification purposes, in which forum did you try to upload files to?

katrokndeso 08-20-2008 04:19 PM
Seems sharing firmwares are illegal??

anenorgoPug 12-12-2009 02:24 PM

Posting Rules QUESTION
IMG code is disabled in some forums. I imagine you can still use the Attachment feature from the Post Reply page, but correct me if Im wrong.

I bet I know what the next question is.

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